how to take a screenshot on iphone


How to take a screenshot on iphone

How to take a screenshot on iphone

In today's age of sharing a touch little bit of everything, there are sure to be times where you would like to share what’s on your screen with a lover or colleague. In fact, you'll end up wanting to skills to screenshot on your iPhone a day .

In this guide we'll re-evaluate exactly how you'll take a screenshot on your iPhone, and we have got you covered regardless of what model you've got . this may allow you to require a fast grab of any application or image on your screen while using your iOS device.

It's a little complicated as there are two different methods to taking a screenshot on an iPhone. Which one you'll be wanting to find out will depend upon the model of iPhone you've got , so you'll be wanting to understand that before you continue.

Once you’ve taken screenshots on your iPhone, you'll send them through many apps using the Share Sheet in iOS, or annotate them with text or 'Markup'. this is often perfect for circling a key area of a picture or adding some wording for context.

Have a home button in iphone.

If you've got the new iPhone SE, or any iPhone with a home button for that matter, press the house button and therefore the sleep/wake button at an equivalent time.

how to take a screenshot on iphone

You don't got to hold the buttons certain an extended amount of your time . In fact, if you are doing that, nothing will happen. it is a quick press. You'll hear a camera shutter sound from your phone and a thumbnail preview of the screenshot will gently glide to rock bottom corner of your screen.

From there, you'll either keep taking screenshots (don't worry, the thumbnail won't show up), or tap on the image to edit and share it.

Have a more moderen iPhone with Face ID? Here's what to try 

If you've got an iPhone X-style device -- you recognize , with a notch at the highest of the screen -- then you will need to try to to things a touch differently since there's no home button.

Press the volume-up button on the left side of the phone and therefore the sleep/wake button on the proper side of the phone, at an equivalent time. Again, you do not need to hold them in in the least . it is a very brief press then release.

Just get your timing right, and you will see your screen flash followed by alittle preview image. If you are doing press the buttons for too long, your iPhone will offer you the choice to show your phone off. If you retain holding, you'll activate the Emergency SOS feature that automatically involves help. you do not want to try to to that! So, just a fast press, OK?

As with iPhones with a home button, you'll tap on the preview image of your screenshot to edit and share it.

If taking a video is more useful to you than a screenshot, that's possible too, and that we walk you thru recording your screen. Now that you simply skills to require screenshots, confirm you learn all of the iPhone's hidden features and therefore the best features of iOS 13.


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